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You have probably already visited our services page, so you know FirstChoice Staffing is the support that you need. We offer job placements in a wide variety of positions from the shop floor to mid-level managers and from skilled trades to office support staff. What is more, we have the experience and access you need to secure a position in fields as far-ranging as general shop labor, skilled trades, real estate, and a variety of medical fields. If you are looking for work, you have come to the right place.

There Are Two Types of Job Openings

Posted Jobs
Posted job openings offer immediate opportunity for work and notify job seekers of the skill sets required for the qualified applicant, along with job specifics like location, shift, compensation, and so on. Because of the immediacy of these job openings, these positions are only posted on job boards, the most typical of which are mitalent.org, Monster, and Career Builder.

Non-Posted Jobs
Although there are exceptions, the non-posted jobs are typically for a professional (with or without management experience) who has a degree or experience in a specific discipline. These openings can be with large or small companies and are primarily in fields like accounting, finance, engineering, information technology, sales, and manufacturing. Because of the skill sets, degree requirements, and experience specified by the employer, non-posted jobs usually include a "search" process to locate the most qualified candidate.

If you are interested in being contacted for current or future, non-posted professional positions (requiring college degree and industry experience), send your resume, and you must include your: position of interest, salary requirements, geographical areas considered, and responsibilities desired.

Not All Staffing Agencies Are Alike

Every staffing company can place people in any job, but for practical reasons, they typically offer specific jobs in a limited range of industries, sometimes called "specialties." The largest staffing companies offer placements in most, if not all, industries and typically have "divisions" that recruit for those industry-specific positions.

If you want to know the specialties of a staffing company, the easiest route is to look at their postings. The job titles and descriptions will report the focus of their agency. If you do not see any postings that require your experience, they probably will not be able to offer you assistance. It is your decision to send a resume to any company, but you should also understand that not all agencies will be able to assist you.

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