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Experience Matters. Trust is Our Hallmark.
We promise full-service placement and personnel support - and have the experience to back it up.

Personnel Placement Is Our Specialty

FirstChoice Staffing offers full service placement and personnel support. Whether you need an added HR department resource or an extension to an existing personnel department within your company, we can help you. We specialize in matching the right person to the job.

Extensive Experience In Staffing

We have been in the staffing business since 1999, supporting small- and medium-sized firms in SE Michigan. We are proud to say that our clients come from a broad variety of industries, and pleased to report that our clients stay with us for hire after hire. They know that the experience, and value, FirstChoice Staffing brings to the personnel table is exceptional.

Discover The Winning Difference

You are looking for the best person for the job. At FirstChoice, we understand that both applicant character and job skills are strong factors in the selection and hire process. It is important for you to know that you can depend on FirstChoice Staffing for the following:

  • Professional Approach: This is characterized by our reliability and the consistent high quality of candidates we send to you.
  • Quick Response to Your Needs: With our broad knowledge of various businesses and industries, there is no ramp-up time, no time wasted learning your operations; we are on call to you 24/7; and, our individualized personal attention to your account will exceed expectations.
  • Qualified Personnel: Only qualified people will be referred to you for specific positions; thorough vetting is pro forma with background checks, previous employment checks, review of academic and vocational transcripts, and confirmation of skills.
  • Customer Focus: Expect a close working relationship with your managers and/or HR department; all placements are made with absolute understanding of required skill sets.
  • Client Satisfaction: We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients and provide a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

FirstChoice is Your Best Choice.

Contact Us Today.

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Admit it. Our reputation is grounded in your trust. That is why FirstChoice Staffing takes such a rapid and professional approach. That is why our vetting process is so extensive. That is why we take a personal interest in every placement. That is why we are so doggedly persistent.

Find out the TRUE cost of "free" when doing your hiring internally.

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